We make use of the nature and ingredients of Okinawa, such as Korean bibimbap, Korean cold noodles, kimchi and namul, to provide products with a sense of luxury and health.
In addition, from September, we plan to offer ginseng hot water from the "Gangnam Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam" specialty store loved by locals. Please enjoy the authentic Korean taste.
For customers staying at “Coldio Pool & Villas SUMUIDE”, we have started a “floating breakfast” service to enjoy breakfast at the pool, which is popular among luxury resort hotels such as Bali and Maldives. You will create and experience an extraordinary space.
We aim to provide a service that maximizes the spirit of hospitality and is attentive, attentive, and worrying according to customer needs.

Abundant knowledge and challenges create "new". Born in Okinawa in 1970.After graduating from Osaka Abeno Cookery College, he trained on a Mitsui Osen cruise ship and studied royal cuisine at Okinawa restaurant "Ryotei Naha". Always pursuing the fusion of Okinawan ingredients, Japanese food, and Western food, "every day dedication to provide neo-Okinawa cuisine"

  • Plenty of Okinawan baby leaves are used.The healthy and chef's special Yamunyondare (sauce) is also very popular with the staff!

  • Perfect for the hot summer of Okinawa!Sweet and sour soup will be addictive.

  • Korean style egg custard!Please enjoy the aroma and texture.It will be provided as a hot pot.